Switching to Python and other intriguing developments

After getting a bit tired of my non-interactive HR/blockquote updates page, I installed a portal and reopened the forum as the main site.

I’ve switched from C++ to Python for all code and from straight SDL to Pygame for graphics. The increase in productivity per hour is awesome.

Client progress
Separately, I have implemented both sprite motion and movement control from inputs and animation from the same. However, I haven’t mixed them yet, and I’m still going back and forth on threading vs. multiprocess for the client, which is where I’m a little stalled right now (largely trying to find a Python process library that handles shared objects gracefully).

Server progress
The server accepts and responds to connections and messages. Right now the client and server both gzip their packets; I’ll probably encrypt them first as well, just because I am a security nut job. The server isn’t terribly complex yet and hasn’t been the focus of development.

Technical Tidbits
Animation, while a slight pain in the ass, turned out to be pretty reasonable (and relatively inexpensive in terms of resources as I’m using sprite sheets and only ever keeping that image in memory, which will make it relatively simple to get the paper doll effect going when I get to that point; yes, that will definitely be part of the game).

0.1 Genotype * User can interface with client through game pad. * Client encodes and sends requests to server. * Server receives, decodes and interprets requests. Phenotype + Client can move around and between maps. + Client can activate objects on map. + Client can view and navigate menus.

The only genotype (back end) item that is not complete is game pad integration, which should be relatively simple with Pygame’s joystick classes; front-end behavior (phenotype) is much more complicated. While moving around a single screen has been implemented, it’s not yet worked into the main client code.

This ‘milestone’ turned out to be… probably a good 30% of the actual work involved in writing the game, so breaking it down further once I had a better idea of how it would be handled would have been a good idea. I’m using trac to build task lists for myself, though, which is accomplishing the same end in a more useful manner.

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to have the multiprocessing library solidly in hand in the next week, and once that happens I will be integrating player motion back into the client and building the map infrastructure.


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